Dan Knoepfler, MC, LMHC
Individual, group, and family therapy


Sexual assault has an impact on many people, not just the person who was abused.    For those of you who feel alone, you are not.    People at organizations like HCSATS and KCSARC in King County are there for you.  And so are all of us who encourage you to "BE LOUD".     I have asked people to sign my banner in support of KCSARC and for all people who have been sexually abused.  As you can see, there are many people who believe you and support you speaking up!

As part of treatment, people have created collages or other creative projects that visually depict the impact of sexual abuse on people.   Below are some examples of these projects.

A collage:

Another collage:

 And one more collage:

One person created a drawing with poetry that was powerful.  Below is a picture of the entire project, and then closeups of different parts, making them easier to read and see:

Close up # 1

Close up #2

Close up #3

Close up #4

Close up #5