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Your teeth -   they are not only a big part of people's first impression of you, but they also are an important key to good health.   Poor dental health and gum disease can increase your risk for other serious health issues such as a heart attack or stroke.   Take care of your teeth and gums.  You life, or at a minimum your quality of life depends on it.

Aretha Franklin.   Another music legend who inspired me with their God-given talent.

Maceo Parker pretty consistently does a run of shows in Seattle every year.  Today is the first day of that run of shows at Jazz Alley.  I am going to today's show and the final show on Sunday.  I can't wait.   

I have encountered a second person now who is connected to a feral cat population in the Seattle area.    The first person I met several years ago enabled the population to continue multiplying.  The second person contacted a non-profit that spays/neuters the cats so that the population doesn't continue to grow.   The more recent person said she did not realize how many people supported these feral cats until they were all trapped to be given health checks and sterilized.   She said some people freaked out when the cats were missing for a few days.  I can't say I know much about feral cats, but it seems like cats living outdoors is less than ideal.  

It has very recently come to my attention that many documents I create regarding people in court-ordered treatment are considered public and can be accessed by anyone if they know the right place to ask.   I will be changing two things in response to this.  First, my informed consent forms will all be updated to reflect this.  And second, I will be rethinking what I write, knowing that some of my client's health care records can legally be accessed without their knowledge or consent.

This week I had a conversation with some people about porn and what to do about it.  The reality is that it is ubiquitous and not very difficult to stumble upon.  That creates a dynamic that is worrisome when it comes to children.   My concern is that there is a wide variety of images and videos that depict non-consensual and disrespectful treatment of others on-line.  It's concerning that this type of behavior towards others might be viewed as normal or acceptable because kids may frequently see it on-line.   Because pornography is so accessible to kids, I believe it is critical for parents and other trusted adults to discuss the importance of sex, sexual contact and consent.   And inform kids that when they are ready to be sexual that it should be done respectfully.  And that many images and videos that are available on-line don't represent what many people like or want.

On hot days I love grilling meat in the morning.   It keeps the place cool inside and when I get home I slice it up and put it on a salad.  Or eat it plain.   

Premier League soccer starts again today.   I love the Premier League more than the other European leagues and definitely more than the MSL in the U.S.    I am going to root for Tottenham this year.

Where I live the landscaper recently ripped out all the lavender and replaced it with some non-flowering plants.   There were hundreds of bumble bees visiting those lavender plants every day.   I am not sure why they didn't wait until the lavender was done blooming before doing this.    I don't know.   They obviously didn't think about the larger implications of impacting the bee population.

The Perseid meteor shower is about to occur.   When I went to summer camp as a kid we had some of the most spectacular shows sitting out in a field watching to meteors streak across the sky.  It is really quite a treat if you haven't ever seen a meteor shower.

I continue to mourn the loss of civility in our country.  Why can't people turn the other cheek.  Or meet hostility with kindness.  I don't pretend to be a saint, but I am really working hard to live by these principles.  

A friend told me they were in a social situation and someone boldly proclaimed their racist views.  The friend was not in a position to challenge the other person because they were explicitly instructed not to make waves because of the impact it would have on a loved one who must deal with this person on a day to day basis.   I don't think I could have respected those wishes, and would have probably left the situation rather than keep my mouth shut.  

I have a condition called vitiligo.    It's an auto-immune disease where my body attacks the melanocytes that produce melanin in my skin and hair.   During most of the year, and given my complexion it normally isn't that noticeable.  During the summer, the contrast between areas of my skin that still produce melanin and those that don't becomes more pronounced and it is more noticeable.    I feel for people who have a much darker complexion to begin with because the contrast is much more apparent.   It isn't contagious, and it isn't clear why it occurs in some people and not others.  In fact I am the only person with it in my family.   One of the things that is hard about it is that I am more susceptible to skin cancer.   It's important to get head to toe skin checks.    I already had one precancerous spot removed from my back when I was in my 30s.   I love being outdoors and because of this I have to be covered or always use sun block.  So in the summer if you notice the uneven color of my skin or patches of pure white hair, now you know why.

There seems to be some controversy over the idea that pedophilia might be a sexual orientation for some.    The idea that sexual interest in people who are not age-appropriate is something that is hard-wired into a person doesn't seem like an outrageous idea.   However, just because it might be something that is hard-wired into a person doesn't mean it is OK to act on those thoughts, feelings and urges.  And it should never be an excuse for a person sexually abusing children.  At the same time, having these thoughts, feelings and urges alone shouldn't be cause for discrimination.   It's what a person does with those thoughts, feelings and urges that matters (IMO).   

As a kid a trip to the dentist inspired fear and dread in me.   Now I love my trips to the dentist because I love the way my teeth feel after they have been professionally cleaned. 

Friday of SeaFair weekend.   I love the Blue Angels.   Their flying ability is impressive.  I am not a big flag waving patriot, but seeing the Blue Angels is  one thing that gets me feeling proud to be American.

Every three years I have to rebid for my federal contract.  Tis the season.   I need an office manager at this point.  But I am waiting to ensure I get the federal contract again before hiring anyone, so I don't hire a person for 2-3 months and then have to lay them off.

A little lull in the summer concert schedule for me.   Things will pick up again in 7-10 days.