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Monday again.    I have a fair amount of paperwork to complete.  I am going to be focused and get as much done as possible.  So far I am doing marginally OK in doing paperwork.

The holiday season is just around the corner.   Are you ready?   What are you coping mechanisms in dealing with the stress that comes along with this time of year?   For me, I need to load up my iPhone with calming songs, vs. loud, fast and noisy songs.

Blood Sweat and Tears is playing at Jazz Alley tonight.  They are doing their 50th anniversary show.   One of the only remaining members is the lead singer.   Kind of weird seeing a band with only one or two original members.   As strange as it will be, it would be stranger if the only surviving member was the drummer.  I was wrong, there are no original members, because the lead singer of BST - David Clayton-Thomas has also left the band.  A contestant from the TV show The Voice is now their lead singer.  He sounds sort of like David Clayton Thomas. 

Today was one of those days that nothing went as planned, and generally in an annoying way.  It tests one's coping skills to get through the day.   You almost come to expect that the next thing won't go as planned after a few things go awry.  I will say that my commute home on Friday afternoon went much faster than expected with no hiccups.   That is one thing I do dread (my Friday afternoon commute).   And at least that went fine.  When I got home I had three packages from Amazon.  That was a nice surprise.

A little while ago Judge Judy publicly put her support behind Michael Bloomberg as he appears to be gearing up to run for president.  It's always weird to me when celebrities weigh in on political issues.   On the one hand, I can see why they might get involved in politics.  However, on the other hand I am not really sure I care what celebrities have to say about who I should vote for.

Thanksgiving is about two weeks away.    What are you thankful for this year?   Remember there are many people who don't have permanent housing.   I work with some.    If you are feeling like life is hard or unfair, remember you have a place to go home to with heat and running water.   There was just a piece about a man who was a Yale graduate who is now living on the streets.   If you think it can't happen to you, be careful because life is uncertain.

I am in the middle of doing a few evaluations.  They are very diverse as far as what caused the referral to me.   An interesting dynamic that is coming up more and more is the delayed disclosure of abuse and the expanded statute of limitations allowing for these cases to be prosecuted.   The thing about many of these cases is that the abuse occurred when the perpetrator of the abuse was a minor and is now an adult.   These men tend to be low risk for future sexual acting out, with few treatment needs.  My role many times is to confirm that this is true before any deal is made.

Happy Veterans Day!   As much as my dad disliked being in the Air Force, I think in the end it was good for him.   It helped bring my parents together.   Today is a day to thank a veteran for his or her service.   

Last night I saw Philip Bailey again and did the meet and greet thing.  I ended up meeting his wife as well, who does background vocals.  What a nice couple.

Tomorrow is the big game for the Seattle Sounders.  I hope the home-field advantage will carry them through to win it all.  Hopefully this will be a decisive win and not like the other championship title that came down to penalty kicks in overtime.

Periodically I get migraines.  I woke up with one today.   Medication, a little caffeine, and sleep seem to be the best medicine.  Fortunately by about 4 I was better.   Thank Goodness.

Night #1 of Philip Bailey.  What a treat.   I would rather see him solo than with EWF because the setlist isn't just predictable tracks, but he mixes it up.  This tour he is doing a couple songs by Curtis Mayfield, a track by Shirley Horne that he likes and a few new songs from his new CD.   That voice is so incredible.  Going to try and make as many shows as possible.

There is one primary organization that I do fundraising for which is King County Sexual Assault Resource Center.   They are moving soon, because their current location is being razed and redeveloped by the land owner.  Help support them this year in particular as they are making their move to a new location in Renton.  Here is my page: https://donate.kcsarc.org/fundraiser/2476738

Tonight I am going to see Savion Glover perform.   I don't know much about him at all.   Sometimes it is nice to attend something that is new and different.    I am looking forward to this.   Later in the week Philip Bailey of Earth Wind and Fire is in town.   I have seen him many times before, either in EWF or solo.  This will be the familiar music this week.

Election eve in Washington State.   What has become apparent over the years is that local races are important in some ways more than the national ones.   Don't forget to turn in your ballot.    With mail in ballots that have pre-paid postage, it is so easy to vote in Washington.  Not to mention there are many places you can drop off your ballot in person.   

Daylight Savings Time....   The twice yearly change in time apparently takes a toll on us humans in many ways. Washington State has passed a bill not to change the time anymore.  Apparently the US government has to approve this before it can go into effect.  The days of DST making sense are long gone since we are not a country focused primarily on agriculture.  Perhaps this is one change that could muster bipartisan support.

Yesterday ATT texted me saying they had changed my plan and doubled my data, but  would charge me an extra $5 per month.   What annoyed me more than anything was that they didn't ask if I wanted to do this, they did it and told me it was happening.    When I called customer service they said they were upgrading everyone on old plans to newer plans automatically.   Apparently when you are a big company you can try and get away with this nonsense.    While $5 isn't much, if you multiply that by a million accounts, that could add up to a lot of money.  Plus I am sure they were somehow also changing their terms of service and by allowing the change to the new plan, you would be agreeing to new terms.  I didn't have time to read the changes, nor did I want to make the time.   Again, it wasn't so much the $5, it was the presumption that they could change the terms of our agreement without even asking me.

Going to see Con Funk Shun again tonight at Jazz Alley.  Last night was great.  I love music that has a great bass line.  And 70s R&B / Soul and Funk music has the bass prominently featured.