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Thoughts for the Day
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My brother's book which was co-written by my niece is about to be published.   This will be his third published book.  Pretty amazing stuff.   I believe one of his goals growing up as a kid was to be a published writer.   And he is there.    

It's Friday!    What a week.  I finished my audit and did fine.   But it's just been a week.  The one upside is having a nice support network when it comes to work.   Whether it was receiving support in difficult situations, or offering it to others.  This was a hectic week.  It's unlikely next week will be less hectic since I will only be working three days.

Free Slurpees at 7-11 today!.   Don't miss out on it.

Only about a week until my vacation begins.   Looking forward to it already.

Apparently summer is lagging a little this year.   Not that I am complaining.  If it rained all summer I'd be happy, quite honestly.  

Preparing for an audit at the office is stressful, but also a good thing.   It's easy to overlook things, and an audit forces you to check to make sure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed.   The audit is routine, so it's not like it is the result of a complaint.   Still, it's sort of like going to the dentist for your routine cleaning.   You don't really want to do it, but once it's done it feels good.

Putting money into savings is a good idea for all of us.   Having  a financial cushion in case of an emergency allows a person to sleep a little better at night.   I personally have a savings account at a credit union without a debit card or any access to it without going into the branch.   By doing this, there is no impulse spending.   If I need access to that money bad enough to drive to the branch and withdraw the money, then it must be important.   It may seem foolish if you can only put $20 in a month, or maybe a $100.   But it adds up.  And there is a sense of accomplishment.   Lately I haven't dipped into my savings, but I hadn't been putting money into the account either.    I am back in the routine.  I have to remind myself that the act of putting money into savings is as important as the amount, because I want it to be a habit.

Now that the 4th of July has passed it is officially summer in Seattle.   Hopefully things won't get smoky again for the third year in row.    Breathing is not over-rated.  And as a person in a sensitive group because of asthma, I am holding my breath....

I read an article last week about groups that are starting to clean up the Pacific Ocean, removing tons of plastic that have turned into these islands that endanger marine wildlife.  They have only made a minor dent in what is out there but are determined to persist..    We all benefit when the water and air are cleaner for not just us as humans but all the living things on this planet.

I am not always that nostalgic about birthdays and anniversaries.   Today is the U.S.'s birthday.    Happy Birthday to my birth country.    Hopefully we will see calmer and smoother sailing in the future.

Today is my parents' anniversary.   I admire that their marriage vows lasted "until death do us part."    I was hoping they would make it to 50 years, but they were about a year shy of that milestone when my dad died.    Not every marriage can or will last until one partner dies, but it is pretty amazing that my parents' did.

As technology evolves so does my job.   In the past I never had to review people's on-line chat logs as part of doing evaluations.  Nor did I view web-pages of information they have posted.  Now it is becoming standard.   Remember this -  everything you chat or post about can at some point be obtained and read by other people.  Many people accused of crimes have sunk their own ships by posting incriminating information.

I had lunch with my mom yesterday.   As the Democrats start moving toward picking someone to run against Pres. Trump, it's fun to talk with her about who we feel is emerging.

Goodbye June.   You were an OK month this year.    Lots happened, but nothing terrible and nothing over the top in a positive direction either.  Maybe July will bring some fireworks.  hahaha.

Strawberries are so delicious this time of year.   I love them.   Especially since I don't have to pick them.  When we were kids my mom had us pick pounds and pounds and she would make jam and freeze some whole.   Wow, there is nothing like a fresh local strawberry, especially when someone else has picked them for you.

It's gay pride weekend in Seattle.  Living near Broadway I enjoy the street fair a lot.  I haven't gone to the parade on a Sunday since it moved to downtown and the Seattle Center.  Some day I probably will.

MTV has a newer show about letting someone else decide the image and placement of a tattoo that you then get.   Most people are trying to settle a score and so it tends to be somewhere between obnoxious and cruel.   I don't know whether people are just craving 15 minutes of fame or what.  But that is one of the last things I would sign up for.  Would you let a frenemy decide the content and placement of a tattoo that you get?

Every so often I catch my favorite episode of Gilligan's Island when they create a musical production of "Hamlet".  Phil Silvers is great as the producer who ends up on the island and then steals their idea.  Gilligan's Island wasn't exactly the best TV show ever made, but episodes like this one were well done.