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A few of my colleagues are providing neuro-biofeedback to help people literally change brain wave activity to improve their functioning in day to day life.   Mood disorders that are not responding well to traditional CBT and/or medication are a prime example of an issue that this intervention has had some success in treating..  It's a pretty amazing idea to teach one's brain to react differently when certain feelings are difficult to tolerate or manage.

Sometimes people use "Maladaptive" coping mechanism to deal with stress and other difficult emotions.   A common way to address this is to inflict physical pain upon oneself to distract from emotional pain and suffering.   It is difficult at times to get people to give up this strategy because it is so effective, even if there are negative side effects as a result.  The key is finding less destructive, or even constructive ways to manage one's emotions.

I have had a couple medical issues recently.  The strange thing about both has been that the testing to determine the severity of the situation has been more difficult to endure than the actual medical procedure to address the issue.   Most recently it was relating to carpal tunnel.   Having the neurologist send shocks up and down the nerves in my arm and hand was much worse than the surgery and the aftercare.   

My hand is recovering nicely from carpal tunnel surgery and almost completely back to normal.  Even better actually.  The one motion that is tough is anything that involves "torque".  The twisting motion with any degree of strength isn't back yet.   Part of my carpal tunnel getting bad resulted in me changing the hand I use to operate a mouse.    It's funny now, because I thought I would go back to using my dominant hand with the mouse.  But now it feels awkward to do that.   Funny what happens when we retrain our brains, and the old pathway doesn't feel so familiar anymore.

If my dad was alive, he'd be 90 today.   In about 6 weeks it will be the tenth anniversary of his death as well.  The passing of time can feel so relative.    Happy Pi Day dad (and Einstein too - who he shared his birthday with).

Tonight one of the original members of Pink Floyd (Nick Mason) is playing many of their very early songs.   I am looking forward to the show and hearing some old, old Pink Floyd. And he didn't let me down.  The show was amazing.

Sometimes therapy results in people examining the meaning of theirs lives.  Sometimes people come into therapy already there and overwhelmed by what it dredges up.   Many times this conversation will result in people thinking about what their legacy will be.   Therapy is a great place to delve deeper into these issues if you are having an existential crisis.

My grandparents' had a first cousin in common who accomplished many things.   He developed an idea called "Wigner's Friend".   It is still being studied and discussed to this day.  It connects concepts relating to physics with issues relating to the objectivity of reality.   Pretty intense stuff.

Just finished writing another report.  It feels nice when they are done and off one's "To-Do" list.

My brother (and his daughter) are going to have a third book published some time in 2019.    I read a draft of his book.  What impressed me most was how much research went into writing it.  I am proud of him for his drive to do this.

Happy Birthday mom.   Thanks for everything you have done for me.

Unlike yesterday, today's post is more constructive.   I read today someone posted "Do something today that your future self will thank you for."   I like that idea, just not about doing my taxes.

It's my favorite time of year.   The time to procrastinate when it comes to doing my taxes.   However, I am committing to completing them by March 15th.

A colleague has just retired due to physical issues that make it impossible to work.   In working with people in this situation, I have found the most important issue is to find something that makes life feel meaningful.   Otherwise it can be easy to lose one's will to live, or at least to get out of bed in the morning.   Many people, men in particular define the way they have meaning in their life by their work.  When that is gone, it can be tough.   It is important to start developing and ensuring there are meaningful things to do in your life beyond work.

Washington State's governor has decided to run for President.   The opposing party asserted he should resign as governor if he is going to focus on a presidential run.   Does a state deserve a full-time governor and not one who is splitting time between his current elected position and the one he aspires to hold?  It depends, but it seems like it is something that should be considered.  If the average employee split his/her time between his current position and the one s/he aspires to have s/he might not keep their current position for very long.

My brother was just recognized at his job for being one of the top people. I have an amazing family with a lot of very talented and driven people.  

My hand is on the mend so far.   Smooth sailing with the surgery.   Modern medicine is amazing.

A new month.    I like March because it can be nice one day and stormy the next.   And the plants and flowers start poking up and showing life.   My daffodils are doing their thing.   Somehow my croci (crocuses?) seem to be struggling this year.   And the snow earlier in February decimated my "hot lips".  Time for some new Hot Lips to attract the hummingbirds.